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About us

Hello friends, and welcome to the Rost online store. Please take a couple of minutes to read this text.
I think this will help to understand who we are and why we can be trusted.

Our specialization, vocation and passion is distillery, brewing, winemaking and cooking.

Our sincere desire is to:

Share exciting hobbies and give pleasant emotions

Help beginners debut effectively

Provide professional equipment and materials to experienced

Deliver a variety of flavors from all over the world

Moonshine, boil, souse, sour, smoke and fry with us!

  • 10 years on friendship service

  • We make more than 2000 barrels monthly

  • We produce 12 models of moonshine stills

  • 0% chemicals and GMO Only natural

  • We import from 8 countries: Great Britain, Serbia, Italy, Sweden, China, Portugal, Belarus, Ukraine

  • 10 hectares of cabbage fields are salted in our tubs in season

  • More than 33 types of drinks from customers tasted by us.

  • We cooperate with 2 distillery and brewing enterprises :

  • export to 8 countries: Canada, Israel, Lithuania, Finland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan

  • more than 1000 items in stock

Drinking is bad. Eating is bad))) But when moderately, in the circle of friends and relatives, and even cooked with your own hands, it’s fun, interesting, profitable, useful and simple. Take care of your health, exercise in the morning and go in for sports.

Roman Olkhovsky, Chef of Rost Company

Factory price and 6 more arguments

  1. Guaranteed low price. We produce cooperage products, moonshine stills.

  2. Gifts from the dealer. Our company is a dealer of many manufacturers. You will receive the best equipment and gifts.

  3. Cumulative discount of 10%. Purchasing the device is not enough. For your hobby you will need ingredients, raw materials, supplies. The sooner you start working with us, the faster you will get the maximum benefit.

  4. Reasonable assortment. In our age of abundance and satiety with similar goods, it is extremely difficult to make a choice. Sometimes you can spend hours studying the product, but you can’t find any differences. Having studied the market and tested the products on ourselves, we offer a selected assortment. As professionals, we offer the best solution for your money.

  5. Direct import. We import goods from manufacturers from Europe and Asia directly.

  6. 9 years on friendship service! Our company was founded in 2009, when home distilling in Russia was just in its infancy. Since then we are always in touch!

  7. In sync. We are just like you. Learning to boil and cook. We learn to communicate and understand the client. We even have a corporate mini-library and a book beloved by everyone - Clients for life. We care after the sale of goods. Enhanced warranty and live consultation.